Oriental Bank of Commerce

Increasingly it is difficult to trust anyone in India, with close family members and friends ruthlessly betraying those who trust them for personal gain or hatred. So many people, especially those who are well educated and financially well off, prefer to spend their free time gardening. However in some areas, there may not be any local nursery, and in other cases, the nursery will not have easy to grow plants . So it is easier and simpler to order plants online and get them delivered at the home or any other address
    Payment options for home delivery of plants:
  • Bank transfer for those who do not have a debit/credit card, UPI, ewallet
  • NEFT/transfer to current account, bank details available on request, invoice will be sent for this payment option to avoid any dispute at a later date. Please send an email to for bank account details
  • Cash deposit in specified current account at any Oriental Bank of commerce(OBC) branch in India, bank details available on request, invoice will be sent for this payment option to avoid any dispute at a later date. Please send an email to for bank account details. Please note that if the amount deposited is more than the invoice value, additional cuttings, plants will be sent to the mailing address. This option is most convenient to those who wish to remain anonymous, not revealing their financial information, while ordering a plant online. Please preserve the payin slip
  • Online payment using Payumoney, Payumoney offers the following payment options
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Internet banking for some of the larger banks in India like
  • UPI
  • Ewallets like Phonepe, Freecharge, Airtelmoney,Oxigen,PayZapp,Paycash card,Yes paywallet
  • Please note that online payment will be processed by Payumoney for the account webconcepts
  • Payumoney is one of the largest payment processors in India having more than 1 lakh businesses using their payment gateway all over India
  • Please not that you will first have to enter your information like name, email id, shipping address, mobile number for Payumoney before making payment
  • All your financial information like credit card/debit card, netbanking details are stored on the Payumoney server, no information other than your name, address, email, phone number reach the seller
  • Payumoney servers have the necessary online security measures implemented to ensure that customer financial data remains secure,and are regularly audited by credit/debit card issuers, netbanking providers and other online payment service providers
  • Payumoney is recommended mainly for those who make regular payments online, for those who are not familiar with online payment or are confused by the interface, cash deposit in the OBC bank account is the easiest option available
Money back offer less shipping charges of Rs 49 offered to buyers who are not satisfied with the purchase. Kindly note that plant survival and growth after receipt depends to a large extent on the soil, fertilizer used, regular watering and protection against pests like snails, cockroaches, squirrels, rats, birds, so please feel free to ask for advice if you have any doubt about plant care, sending an email

Free advice and help for growing the plant offered

Prices are cheaper than that offered online on Ebay, Amazon, plantsguru, nurserylive and any other website
Marketing agencies, websites, interior decorators, landscapers, gift sellers interested in purchasing these plants, please send details to, for more information. Dropshipping option is also available for online sellers, ecommerce store.

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