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Medicinal plants can be used for treated various ailments at home quickly , without purchasing expensive medicines, which may have side effects. Most of these plants can be grown easily without much effort , can survive if they are not watered for a few days. Online payment button is shown next to the plant being sold. Options for Offline payment, Cash deposit in OBC bank account are specified separately
Medicinal plants for dropshipping
Plant Photo Price
Aloe vera, Barbados Aloe vera
Aloe vera is widely used for skincare and medicinal applications.Aloe vera is easy to grow , does not require daily watering, and can be used for making gel and juice at home, saving a lot of money. Plant with roots will be sent by speed post/courier within 48 hours of payment on business working days
Rs 99
Bacopa Monnieri, Brahmin, thyme leaved gratiola
Bacopa monnieri, brahmi is widely used for medicinal applications, especially for improving memory and also in aquariums.Bacopa monnieri plants are hardy, can survive with poor drainage. Plant with roots will be sent by speed post/courier within 48 hours of payment on business working days
Rs 99
Bryophyllum pinnnatum, Panfuti
Bryophyllum pinatum, panfuti is widely used for medicinal applications, especially for treating kidney stones. They are easy to grow, do not require daily watering Plant with roots will be sent by speed post/courier within 48 hours of payment on business working days
Rs 99
Ajwain,Pan ova
Medicinal plant used for treating cough and cold, can also be used for making chutney and other dishes. The plants grow rapidly during the monsoon, and survive if not watered for a few days. Plant with roots will be sent by speed post/courier within 48 hours of payment on business working days
Rs 99
Butterfly pea
Easy to grow plant, with blue or white flowers, recommended for those who have just started gardening. Climber plant, grows fast during the monsoon, however regular watering is required. Only seeds are available. Plant with roots will be sent by speed post/courier within 48 hours of payment on business working days
Price on request

Please send your requirement and queries to info@textads.in, info@webconcepts.in, nkinf@hotmail.com. Invoice will be sent to those who wish to pay into bank account to prevent further dispute

Shipping charges reduced for bulk orders, quantity more than 1, . Please note that the plants are shipped from Panaji, Goa, cash on delivery not viable in most cases. Prices are cheaper than that offered online on Ebay, Amazon, plantsguru, nurserylive and any other website
Marketing agencies, websites, interior decorators, landscapers interested in purchasing these plants, please send details to info@textads.in for more information

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